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Are you a fan of country music and have a passion for writing about it? Then we are looking for you. We want writers to join our team and write interesting articles on Canadian country music.

Unless you enjoy listening to this type of music, you won’t be able to understand the depth this music has. If you have some prior experience in writing and have good knowledge about Canadian country music, then you can become our guest writer.


You can earn extra money by writing for us. We pay our writers well and ensure that their profile is highlighted in each article they write. That way you will get more exposure as a writer and may get better opportunities.


If you want to write for us, you should make sure that the articles you submit are plagiarism-free. You shouldn’t write any article that is more than 800 words. You should make sure that your article is grammatically correct. You can also include pictures along with your article and write a short author bio.

We will let you know about our decision after reading your article. Once it is published, it will remain in our archive for a long time. We hope to hear from you soon.