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Top 7 Canadian Country Singers You Should Know About

When we think of country singers, we only consider American singers. But do you know thatCanadian singers have stolen the spotlight recently?

Several Canadian country singers have gained popularity all over the world. Here you will learn about some of the biggest country singers in Canada.

Jessica Mitchell

If you like Adele then you will love Jessica Mitchell as well. She has a similar style to Adele. Her lovely vocals will haunt and move you at the same time. She had a challenging life as she was addicted, suffered from mental illness, and lost her mother early.

When you hear her music, you will feel the pain in her voice. Her songs ‘Workin’ on Whiskey’ is very popular.

Top 7 Canadian Country Singers You Should Know About Jessica Mitchell - Top 7 Canadian Country Singers You Should Know About

Whitney Rose

There is a unique sweetness in her voice that will attract you. She is also an amazing songwriter. She is recently pairing up with other singers like Raul Malo to produce some great music.

Colter Wall

His debut record was very successful, and the country music stars loved it and felt that it was like reading a suspense story. People are waiting for his upcoming music records.

Lindsay Ell

She is known for singing catchy country songs. You will love watching her with the guitar. She started her musical career by playing in bars. Her debut album was promoted on a popular DJ show. The song ‘Waiting on You’ was very popular.

Meghan Patrick

Her songs are unique in that she combines traditional sounds with modern sounds. She is also a songwriter and has written many songs for her album. She has recently achieved the Canadian Country Music Award for her lovely songs.

Lindi Ortega

She has got talent, but her songs weren’t much appreciated until recently. She has a strong voice and has great songwriting skills. The song ‘To Love Somebody’ was very popular.

If you enjoy listening to country music, then you should listen to the songs of these artists. They have only recently made their mark in this industry and have already become very popular all around the globe.